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Types of Harvests

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In our initial timber cruise, we analyze the density, vigor, canopy and overall health and well being of the timber stand. We will determine which harvest is recommended. The species, quality, board footage and timber markets are all factors. By implementing a crop tree release program, we can maximize the timber values for the future. A good return and yield on your crop is music to the ear.

Select Cut

SELECT CUT is a timber harvest carefully choosing only a few trees throughout the wood lot. Typically trees are marked and identified with paint, as shown in above photos. This is a great option for land owners with quality hardwoods, maximizing timber values and strengths in the market. It's also beneficial for management strategies and logging crews to identify trees to be cut.  You may also re- evaluate / harvest again in 5-7 year cycles.  Market trends, trees health and growth will help determine this.

Diameter Cut

DIAMETER HARVESTS are traditional cuts typically at 18" or 20" diameters. A Point of Cut (P.O.C) or Diameter Breast Height (D.B.H) are viable options for landowners who want to manage their woods and wildlife in 10-15 year cycles. Having a good balance of species cut evenly promotes a healthy and vibrant eco system. A Diameter Harvest will also put focus on invasive, diseased and cull trees.  Thinning the tree canopy will allow more sunlight to illuminate the woods and stimulate future growth.


CLEAR-CUTS are usually 12" Point of Cut (P.O.C) or all harvestable timber. There are many reasons one chooses this type of on-site portable mill harvest. Selling the property, soft woods, disease or low quality trees. Wet/low ground timber (full of mineral) and converting to tillable farm to name a few. It may have significant money appeal as well. Typically saw timber goes into our ties, blocking, and pallet orders. Low grade and industrial applications are on the rise! Landowners may also benefit from the slab wood, sawdust piles etc. Sawdust has been found useful with fuels, heat, and animal bedding. Slab wood is a good source for firewood, building materials, and crafts.

Types of Equipment We Use

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